Odaly VictorioWelcome to Odaly’s World!

I know.  You’re thinking…really?

Yes. Really!  Listen, I have lots to share with you all and Facebook, Twitter and the myriad of other places I share information was limiting my ability to express myself.

Here is how this blog works.  I have three main categories:  Family, Travel and Running.  I have my posts tagged so sometimes a post will appear under more than one category.  I encourage discussion, but ask that you remember this is an open blog.  Readers vary in age.  I require all comments respect the varying ages of my readers.

I started this blog in May 2012.  Posts that are earlier than May 2012 were written from memory and of course not as detailed or sometimes may be better organized than you will see going forward from the blog’s start date.  If these re-created blogs bother you, don’t read them.


  1. I love this blog!! Great job Sis. Looking forward to reading about your many travels and adventures.

  2. May u have many travels!

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