Bad attitudes and misleading descriptions!

This is the exact review I posted on TripAdvisor on February 6, 2012

My family and I had been awaiting the weekend of January 29, 2012 for over 360 days. We were participating in the Miami ING Marathon & Half Marathon weekend in Miami. I used Travelocity to reserve a room for 2 adults and 2 kids for Saturday night and Sunday night. The race would be early on Sunday and we wanted to enjoy the city before returning home on Monday.
Like most families, we are on a budget. We travel often (and many city races), but we are able to do so because use the internet to find the best deals.
We prepaid for our weekend using Travelocity during the 2011 holidays. We felt this would mean we would have more discretionary funds that weekend and of course we must’ve gotten a deal by doing this.
Unfortunately we arrived at the property to find an office that was closed. I had to wait for the manager/front desk for close to a half hour. He was definitely ‘put out’ and not at all apologetic for making me wait. I arrived around 2:30 p.m. He begins the check in process by asking for my credit card and id—nothing unusual. What was unusual was the lofty deposit demanded–$200. Remember, the room was pre-paid. I tried to get the fee lowered, but I was told if I didn’t pay it, I couldn’t stay. On top of this was the parking fee of $20 per day which had to be paid up front. I knew about the parking fee, I just wish it could have been part of the $200 deposit and not in addition to.
As I sat there, already not happy, I see he prints out the room receipt for me to sign saying 2 adults. I correct him pointing out my two children are staying as well. He proceeded to tell me the room didn’t accommodate them. He says, ‘You didn’t book a room for four, you booked the Queen Suite.’ I explained I searched on Travelocity for a property accommodating 2 adults and 2 kids and did not lie about the fact we were a party of four. The hour and half plus phone call with Travelocity began at this point.
The first person was very nice and understood my predicament. Multiple calls to the property ascertained, there was no other room that could accommodate us and he was unwilling to refund the entire stay, just the second night. A supervisor was bought on. At this point he is trying to leave for the day and I don’t even know where we would stay that evening. Eventually, the supervisor tells me it was my fault for not reading the description. She says the other properties are full and I would not be refunded for the first night no matter what. Now I’m mad at Travelocity as well.
I ended up having to call family to pick up my boys (15 & 16). They missed seeing us complete our race, my husband’s first ever full marathon. We had to stay there that evening or go home, personally I wanted to go home, but my husband had prepared for a year and dreamt about it a lifetime. I wasn’t going to ruin his moment any further.
The room was terrible. I will send pictures if necessary (they will be posted on Trip Advisor). By the way, there was a futon and sheets and some pillows could have accommodated my boys. He just didn’t want to help. The futon was in bad shape even peeling its skin. The room was dirty. There was no hair dryer, no coffee maker, but there was a kitchenette with a dirty stove top and nasty kitchenware. Even under the best of circumstances, I wouldn’t stay there again.
Lastly…After returning from the trip (which we cut short and returned on Sunday), I tested Travelocity. It allowed for me to make the very same reservation again (of course it was just a test). There is no description on the room. I didn’t miss anything. It was never my mistake. I was forced to carry my luggage down to the finish line in order to watch my husband complete his first marathon after I myself completed a half marathon. I was tired and exhausted and I was especially disappointed this trip we had waited so long for turned into such a nightmare.

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Since this posting, Travelocity has removed this property from their list and has also provided us a $75 credit to use at a property of our choosing.

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