Running? Really?

2010 Disney's Wine & Dine Half Marathon
My friends Chad Davis and Luv Lima with me at the 2010 Disney's Wine & Dine Half Marathon

In November 2009 I headed to my new primary doctor’s office determined to find out what terrible disease was making me be overweight.  Lots of tests and several weeks later the doctor looked me in the eye and said, “If I wasn’t looking at you or your weight, I’d say you are the healthiest person I know”.  To me this was terrible news.  Now I had no excuse.

Did I rush out and do something about my weight?  Not yet.  At this point, I had been watching the Biggest Loser season after season.  It was inspiring to me, but not in a way you would think.  No.  I was inspired to serve my ice cream or other indulgence at the start of the second hour.  I know that’s terrible, but I’m confessing.

The finale this season included a marathon.  My husband had made this a goal of his for as long as I remember.  However, he had never completed one.  I always wished I had the ‘marathon body’ so I could do one, but knew I didn’t have the body for it.  Sitting there I saw people who just 6 months earlier had been much more overweight than I was at that moment completing a marathon.  I began to wonder if I too could do it.

Just a couple of days later I visited my friend Luv.  She was having a holiday ‘Light up Party’.  I was now abstaining from the cookies since the doctor said I could use to lose a couple of pounds.  As a group we started to discuss the Biggest Loser Finale and she asked me if I would run for wine.  If you know me, you know I love my wine.  When she didn’t get an answer she asked if I would run at Disney.  Well, I love Disney too!  She proceeded to tell me about a new half marathon Disney was starting called “Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon” and wondered if I would run it.  While I stayed quiet at this point, I wondered if I could.

I hadn’t even taken my first step.  How could I commit to a half marathon when I didn’t even know if I could walk a mile!  She and others at the party encouraged me to sign up for a 5K.  Not just any 5K, but the Princess Half Marathon Weekend Family 5K in March.  At that point, I reluctantly agreed.  I knew I’d need a deadline if I would ever get going.

The deadline wasn’t enough.  I truly thank goodness for Luv.  Had she not been persistent, I don’t think I would have ever started and continued training those first couple of weeks.

My first 5K was not at Disney.  I was encouraged to sign up for a local race.  To my surprise, I walked it and won in my age group’s walking category!  I was bit!  Disney’s Royal Family 5k during the Princess Half Marathon Weekend was my first run/walk race and I haven’t looked back!  That October I run my first half marathon, Disney’s Inaugural Wine & Dine Half Marathon.  In all, I have run eight half marathons.  I hope to run the Run Disney 20th Anniversary Walt Disney Marathon January 2013.

To date, I’ve lost 60 lbs and enjoy a ‘healthy appetite.’  Without the running, it wouldn’t be possible.

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