Taking off!

We felt so smart! We rented a car instead of making the husbands give us ride. Only one problem. We forgot to get gas before arriving at the airport. The ride into the Orlando International Airport was so smooth, with the car rental return right at the terminal, in our excitement we just drove right up. Ooops! Luckily, the young man at the Avis place was really nice and let us know we could leave and get gas. He even told us where we could go to some at a more reasonable rate than right by the airport. We were also lucky to have arrived at the airport with more than enough time!

Our check-in process was interesting. Since we had already checked in online before leaving, I was surprised to have to go through the process again upon arrival. I have to admit, it was more complicated than I expected! However, US Airways did have people assisting even in the “self-service” area.

TSA…now that was another matter. I can’t imagine the logistics of processing so many people at a time, but it felt like chaos to get through screening. Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to the shoe removal. A bin for the shoes and a bin for the iPad. It was just all very confusing. I later realized they had several lines approaching to the same area. Hard to describe on here.

Once past TSA, we took a monorail to our gate, 58. At the gate, we grabbed some lunch. Options were better at the Terminal (B) with several table service options. Where the gate was our option were Wendy’s, Nature’s Table and the like. No. No Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

We boarded the plane almost as soon as we finished lunch. Unfortunately, lunch didn’t agree with Anthony. He has a rough flight to Philly.

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