Second day of tours in Barcelona.

We met our local tour guide again this morning at 8:30 am. and headed to Monserrat. From Barcelona it was a 45 minute bus trip. The views from the mountain were breathtaking. So were the very narrow roads with our big bus. It felt like we could tumble down. Yikes! On our way up the mountain we were able to see what looked like a camel in the rock formations on Monserrat and we were able to see the Pyrenees. On our way down after the visit, some people could see the profile of Our Lady (minus her nose) on the rock formations, but I couldn’t.

It was actually cold when we arrived up there although it did warm up quickly as the morning wore on. We headed right for the cuing line since once mass starts, no one may visit Our Lady of Monserrat. She sits on an alter high above the church. There one person at a time may visit her for a quick prayer. After the visit, you may also light a candle for a suggested donation (2.80 Euros).

We had an hour on our own to explore after we tasted the liqueurs made by the Monks of Monserrat thought to have medicinal properties and the cheese made by Monserrat locals. I admit to having bought several cheeses and some honey. They were just too good!

We had time on our own in the afternoon. Anthony and I took a cab to Mont Juic to visit the Olympic Museum located besides the Olympic Stadium. I’ve visited before, but it was Anthony’s first time and he really enjoyed it. From our hotel, we paid 7 Euros for the cab. When we finished at the museum, we walked down Mont Juic passed the fountains and enjoyed a snack on these beautiful grounds. We took the cab back from the Placa de España for only 5 Euros.

Unfortunately our evening plan to visit La Casa Mila didn’t work out. Instead we went ‘bar’ hopping for tapas and visited the La Sagrada Familia for some night pictures. It is located right on Calle de Mallorca just like our hotel.

Tell me what you think!