September 2012

Too much wine?

Too much wine? Never! Keeping the evidence, maybe not so smart. However, I love this DIY!

I fly to the city at least once per year.  I know how to do this and I can usually do it well/cheap.  I admit this trip has been the […]

I know I left everyone hanging… The interviews went well.  I had two real options to choose from.  This was surprising since I haven’t even taken the TEFL yet.  However, […]

I have heard back from a recruiter.  The cities and schools are as follows: Web International English, Quanzhou English First, Taiyuan Richard English International, Shaoxing. If you have any information […]

I put in two applications for China and one for Japan last night. This morning I already had a request for an interview! I’m so excited. I responded to their […]

If you’ve been following my blog, you already know I am consumed with ‘ideas’ of places to go and I make no bones about how I intend to pursue getting […]

Marlins vs Mets

So I thought I’d leave happy no matter who won. I’ve been a Marlins fan since 1993, but a Mets fan since the 80s. However losing to the Mets at […]