If you’ve been following my blog, you already know I am consumed with ‘ideas’ of places to go and I make no bones about how I intend to pursue getting there.  I’ve been stalking the cruise lines for years now with no luck.  I recently became agency manager for a travel agency.

Yesterday, a new idea was born.

In fairness, the idea started taking root in August during my latest vacation, Spain 2012.  I saw signs everywhere ‘learn English’ or ‘aprenda Ingles’.  I wondered if it was doable.  Would they hire me?  I remembered my Aunt sustained herself for years in Chile teaching English.  I know she didn’t have a bachelor’s degree.

Yesterday, in conversation, a co-worker mentioned teaching English aboard.  It turns out she has already done some research and thinks it’s a great opportunity.

I agree!  I think it’s a fabulous idea!  I’ll keep you posted.  As of right now, it looks like I will pursue this!

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  1. yes it is very doable even without a bachelors. especially if you teach like i did to executives in large private corporations. they would much rather hire an actual American to teach them than a Chilean who learned English teaching them. That was the key to my success was teaching high level executives in large private companies. i was able to get to the point to have only one contract with one very large company and make enough to live decently. the only stinker was I did have to travel 3 x’s a day am, lunchtime, and evening for one hour each time to teach the executives. pros, i got paid whether they cancelled or not and also when they take off for vacation in the summer from december to february i also got paid!!! it put a roof over my head, clothed me, paid for transportation, and put food on my table. I loved it and would do it all over again!!!

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