Nope. Not now.

Great Wall of ChinaI know I left everyone hanging…

The interviews went well.  I had two real options to choose from.  This was surprising since I haven’t even taken the TEFL yet.  However, my degree and experience was enough to excite two schools in China.

Why did I say no even though I was ecstatic at the possibility of visiting the Great Wall and the Forbidden City?  It all came down to upfront costs.  Flights from Florida to Beijing are over $1,700.  With a 17-year-old Senior in High School and a 16-year-old Sophomore, I want to be able to return home for the important things.  A year contract would have me purchasing three round-trip tickets to Beijing.  Depending on the contract I went with, I would need to pay first, last and security deposit on my apartment even though they provide a housing allowance.  I would also need to have enough money to cover the first two months living expenses.  It was all just too much up front. 

Also, returning home twice during the contract put me at risk of forfeiting my travel allowance.  The salary while there is decent, but if I forfeit the travel allowance and have extra trips home, I would be making almost nothing all year-long.  I’m not well to do.  This wouldn’t work.  So until I can commit to staying the year, I will have to put this idea on hold.

I am bummed.

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  1. thanks fpor the insite its good to know some one does thier home work

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