Planning NYC

New York City

I fly to the city at least once per year.  I know how to do this and I can usually do it well/cheap.  I admit this trip has been the most difficult to plan.

For the first time, I found myself having a difficult time finding reasonable plane tickets out of West Palm Beach into JFK or La Guardia.  After much searching, we are flying Jet Blue out of Fort Lauderdale into JFK.  This isn’t the most convenient, but it saved us $100 per person, well worth a tank of gas.

Next, it was time to find a hotel.  Now, I know New York City is not cheap, but I have always managed to find a deal.  Either through bidding on or through packages, I’ve never paid more than $150 per night and stayed at decent places.  One time I even won a place for $75 per night!

It was not to be this time…  I started Pricelining last Friday, but I was having no luck.  Now you must understand, big cities have many hotel rooms with just one double bed.  Priceline only guarantees a room for two people, sharing one bed.  If you win, you would then have to get with the hotel to see if they will accommodate you (usually at a fee) in a bigger room.  We need a room for three people, two of which definitely don’t want to share a bed.  I resolved the issue by bidding on two rooms, but soon I was at a bid price exceeding what a triple capacity room was going for and bidding at a 1-star level. Unacceptable.  In the end, we booked using  We will be staying at the Manhattan in Midtown for about $200 per night.

Now if I could only find a deal on the Broadway show we want to see, ‘The Book of Mormons”!  Any tips?  Worst case scenario, we will be hitting TKTS at 11 a.m. in Brooklyn!

Tell me what you think!