T-minus 44 hrs to Start Our Camino

Getting ready to walk 'The Way of St. James'.
Getting ready to walk ‘The Way of St. James’.

If you saw my YouTube video on me packing up my backpack for my first Camino de Santiago, you know I was at 17 lbs.  At the time, I thought I had it all figured out.  Now that there are less than 44 hours until my plane takes off, I have a problem!  I went from 17 lbs to 20 lbs to 18 lbs.  In effect, plus a pound and minus all my sleeping clothes, one outfit and a foot off the side and a foot off the top of the sleeping blanket.  I am down to two shorts and three shirts plus the shower dress for my 46 days away.

Where did the weight come from you ask?  Turns out I need a flashlight.  It needs spare batteries for said batteries.  I also forgot to pack up the camera gear.  It was rightly suggested I bring sunscreen which prompted me to also bring my vitamins.  Who knew all this stuff would be so heavy!

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