Exploring St. Jean Pied de Port

After crashing last evening (up over 26 hours), the bells that awoke us every 30 mins also helped to remind us we were hungry!  We were greeted by a delicious French-style breakfast complete with baguettes and crossaints served up for a fee at our hotel.

A truly beautiful day, we explored the citadel and visited the church Èglise Notre-Dame du Bout du Pont.  

Here are some of today’s pictures.

When we decided to head back to our hotel, we stopped at a local grocery store where we purchased sliced turkey, a baguette, a six pack of water and two bananas for less than 3 Euros!  In town we couldn’t buy one sandwich for that price and yet we got dinner for two with drinks!  This evening we were serenaded by the bells once again!

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