Sometimes you just need to talk

Today’s walk from Carríon de Conde was to be 26.3k.  The first 17+ without a bathroom.  Since we leave so early, before 6:30 a.m., it is impossible to get ‘cafe con leche’ in most cities and villages.  We do plan ahead after our Belorado fiasco and purchase breakfast items, but what can we do about our ‘cafe con leche’?

It was a tough morning.  Focus was on ticking down those 17k before the bladder would wake up.  The extra morning snacks and items purchased to share at the Santa Maria Albuergue the night before were swinging behind me off a carabiner making my pack feel so much heavier. 

Lively dinner provided by all-volunteer hospitaleros in Carríon de los Conde

You would think the memories made the night before with the all-volunteer hospitaleros would have kept me cheery.  After all we had a wonderful evening which began with a singalong and introductions led by Fernando, Pablo, Mercedes and Isabel.  We then went to the church to listen to a guitarist.  He was excellent.  We stayed on for mass where over 50 of us pilgrims received a special blessing at the end and sang where thousands of pilgrims have sang before to Maria Del Camino.  Afterwards we dined with our fellow pilgrims at the Albuergue.  The meal was cooked by the hospitaleros and other items for sharing were provided by us.  To say it was a vivacious meal wouldn’t be an exaggeration.  It was one of my favorite evenings on the Camino thus far.

Finally reaching the 17th kilometer I was spent.  There we met up with Rita from Montreal.  I actually met her a few days earlier and honestly didn’t know what to make of her.  She asks a lot of questions and never seemed satisfied with the answer.  She started the Camino in Burgos and intends to make it Santiago.  Until today I kept my cordial distance.

As it turns out Rita not only talked me through the 6+ kilometers to Ledigo that I planned to stay at, but also the additional 3.2 to Terradillas Del Templario.  Today she was my God send.  Turns out we agree on politics and she has my favorite birthday month, November.  

Sometimes you just need to talk.

(This was two days ago.  Posting now as I’ve had no wifi.)

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