Santa María la Real – O’Cebreiro
As of now we have walked 639.9 k and have 142.6 k to go.  Tonight we are staying in Fillobal.  We had a strong day carrying our packs (we’ve had it transported two times) and ascending to O’Cebreiro (4245 feet), el Alto de San Roque (4157 feet) and eventually el Alto de Poio (4375 feet).  They are all listed as ascents because unfortunately we descend quite a bit between these points and up up needing to climb again.  In all we did 19.5 k today.
Alto de San Roque

We headed out a little later as I wanted to visit Santa María la Real from 836 and the oldest church on the entire French Road of the Camino de Santiago. It is from here where the current Camino movement was born.  Parish Priest father Elias Valiñez Sampedro took a carload of yellow paint cans one day to Basque Country one day to begin to mark the way.

We went through various hamlets or villages and enjoyed various panorama views of Galicia.  The village of Fillobal is tiny and has one Albergue and one bar.  It seems to be our way of late.

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