Walking into Sarria

Yesterday’s descent to Fillobal proved to be brutal on our knees.  We decided the 4K left to Triacastela, all steep descents, would be by taxi.  I know some may say that is cheating, but I’m sure Santiago knows our pain and would prefer we finish the walk than end it here with torn tendons.

We had breakfast upon arriving in Triacastela before continuing our trek on an alternate route which promised to save us several kilometers of walking over going the traditional way through Samos.  Of course as we have learned in Spain and in life, no short cut is ever easy.  More climbs and descents followed, but luckily not many were was steep as yesterday’s.  Soon we had trekked 19k and decided we could go the rest of the way into Sarria.

In realty we enjoyed a perfect misty day.  It was just cool enough for a sweater while we hiked along.  On this alternate route we mostly saw rural Galicia and went over several passes through various small hamlets.  If you go this way, please note there aren’t many services.  We did stop at a donativo where I got to ‘finally’ got to ‘go’ in nature as they have no modern plumbing.  Everyone there was very nice and the ambiance was peaceful.  A couple kilometers later in Pintín we came across bar for snacks and a more traditional potty break.

We continued through the lush Galician landscape and I couldn’t help but think of Ireland.  The views seemed like those out of the travel brochures.  Green everywhere and a thick fog.  

Between the cab ride, the shortcut and our legs, we advanced quite a bit today.  Today was a good day.  We have 114.1k to Santiago de Compostella!

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