Our Excitement can’t be contained

Just 39.3k from Santiago and our excitement is hard to contain.  It’s not that we haven’t had a wonderful time on our Camino de Santiago and it’s not that we aren’t enjoying great meals and fostering forever friends.  It’s just that it is a really long time and we miss our families.

We realize nothing will ever be the same.  I for one am happy about that.  There is a saying that says, “A man can’t go into the river twice.  For it isn’t the same river and he isn’t the same man.”

I came here for among other things patience.  I’m not sure I reached that goal.  However, I did get a new appreciation for the power of God.  Now don’t think I’ll be at church every Sunday as I continue to hold organized religion in contempt.  However, I have experienced his power and respect it more each day.

How can one move through this countryside and not notice it’s magic?  The pride of it’s people and overwhelming kindness?  Sure everyone wasn’t ‘sunshine and lollipops’.  There was the little old lady in Perejes who kicked us out of the church.  Angry one.  How were we to know they were closed on Mondays?  The door was open!  Then there were the endless inclines and even worse, declines.  When we weren’t cursing them, we were appreciating that we were stronger with every single one we encountered.

Today we arrived here in Arzúa around 1:30 pm.  We had spent a good part of today’s short 14k walk talking about our need for some beautification, mainly coloring our grays.  Right next to our Albergue for the night was a hairdresser. We stepped in and were able to get appointments for today!  

We are thrilled to be so close to Santiago de Compostela and looking better too!

Tell me what you think!